Alice Feurtey

Research Interests

My research interest includes coevolution between hosts and pathogens, the domestication of plants, fungi and animals and genome evolution. In my current project, I use bioinformatics tools to better understand the role of recombination in rapid adaptive evolution of Zymoseptoria tritici, a wheat fungal pathogen. I previously worked as a PhD and master student in Tatiana Giraud’s team in Paris. I was involved in several projects including studying the evolutionary history of apple tree species in Europe and in Asia, and the co-evolution between host and pathogen using two different pairs of species.

Short CV

2017-present: Post-doc in Prof. Dr. Eva Stukenbrock’s team at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön (Germany). “The role of recombination in rapid adaptive evolution of fungal plant pathogens: A comparative population genomics study”


2013-2016: Ph.D. in Dr. Tatiana Giraud’s team at the Ecology, Systematic, Evolution laboratory in Paris-Saclay University (France). “Interspecific hybridizations in apple trees and host-pathogen coevolution.”

2011-2013: Master’s degree in Biology, specialized in Variability, Expression and Evolution of Genomes in Paris-Saclay University (at the time Paris-Sud University)


  • Feurtey A, Cornille A, Shykoff J, Snirc, A, Giraud T. Crop-to-wild gene flow and its fitness consequences for a wild fruit tree: towards a comprehensive conservation strategy of the wild apple in Europe. Accepted in Evolutionary Applications.
  • Feurtey A, Gladieux P, Snirc A, Hood M, Cornille A, Giraud T. Strong phylogeographic costructure between the anther smut fungus and its white campion host. New Phytologist 2016.
  • Gladieux P, Feurtey A, Hood ME, Snirc A, Dutech C, Roy M, Clavel J, Giraud T. Biological invasions: lessons from fungi and the case of the anther smut. Molecular ecology 2015.
  • Cornille A., Feurtey A, Gélin U, Misvanderbrugge K., Gladieux P, Ropars J, Giraud T. Anthropogenic and natural drivers of gene flow in a temperate wild fruit tree. Evolutionary Applications 2015.